Production Time

Standard production times vary per project size and complexity. All orders are on a first come first serve basis. So it is best to place your order as soon as possible. Orders with custom pieces will have a longer lead time to ensure approved size, shape, design, and quality.

Limited Warranty

Odin Stoneworks products are warranted to be free from defect. Defective products must be reported within 7 days of pickup or delivery. Defective stones will be replaced by Odin Stoneworks as soon as is reasonably possible. Defects include structural cracking and warping beyond the industry standard. Natural variations in color and texture are inherent to concrete products such as small hairline cracks and small bugholes not exceeding 1/8” in size and  are not considered defects. A shade difference in color is not a defect, you will not be reimbursed or have your product replaced!



Odin Stoneworks does not allow for any product returns. Most orders are completed with included extra pieces to offset any wrong cutting in field or to manage the amount of small fragile pieces. These pieces were included into the cost of the project and cannot be considered for return.

How to Order

Most orders will be taken over the phone by a customer service associate and will be available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. M-F. Most questions, drawings needed, pricing info, technical support, and etc… will be available to you by this method. Quick questions or electronic plans for estimation can be sent to


A 50% deposit is required to commence production. The balances of the payments are due prior to delivery. The final 50% is due before final delivery will be made. Changes to the order after commencement are an additional 25% addition to order. A lease fee may be added to the order if product is not picked up in a reasonable time. This fee is adjustable per the amount of time passed and the amount of stone left and must be paid at time of pickup or delivery. Check or Cash only.


Our products are manufactured to a dimensional tolerance of 1/8”. No returns or refunds will be honored for a difference in approved sizes that are within this tolerance.

Shipping & Delivery

Local delivery is offered by Odin Stoneworks at the rate of $50 per truckload for the first 25 miles. Delivery in excess of 30 miles from the Odin Stoneworks plant will be billed at the base rate of $50 plus $1.25 per mile. All deliveries will require means of off-loading product at the delivery point, these means must be provided by the customer. If product arrives on site and there is no means to off load the product the order will be brought back to the plant and the delivery fee will be charged to the customer and no delivery will be available to that customer, the fee must be paid before product may be picked up. Odin Stoneworks is not responsible for damages incurred due to the off-loading of materials and a sign off sheet must be signed on site showing all materials arrived in the condition as ordered. All claims for conspicuous or concealed damage must be made in writing via fax within 7 days of delivery.

Installation, Sealing, and Cleaning

Odin Stoneworks does not offer installation of any kind. All installations should be handled by a licensed and trained mason, who has experience with precast and cast stone products. Odin Stoneworks is not responsible for incorrect installation, any consequences due to incorrect installation, breakage during handling, or working outside local building codes. These are the responsibility of your mason. Precast products can be sealed with a variety of options that are made for concrete or stone and can typically be picked up at your local hardware store. Precast products should be cleaned with masonry cleaners available from specialty suppliers. No acid should be used when cleaning.